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ALE – What Is in it?

17th July 2018 by Markus Wissekal


Do you want to know more about agility, and talk to others who are passionate in their line of work, exchange ideas and experiences, ALE 2018 is a great event to do all that!

With participants from across Europe and the world that represent leading practioners in Lean and Agile Software Development—this unconference is a wonderful opportunity to explore power transformance. You'll be working side-by-side with the thought leaders to learn more about the dynamic, profitable tranformations that are occuring diverse business and product development fields intrnationally and our in our own backyards.

This conference is different from most others, it uses Open Space technology to create just enough structure for you to bring out the most relevant topics for you and the gathered community

ALE is also a perfect opportunity to experience agility on a very personal level. One of the hallmark events of the conference, aside from its Open Space format, is the now famous “Dinner with a Stranger”, where attendees purposefully decide where and which “strangers”  to meet with over dinner. This opportunity leads to conversations in small groups of up to 10 people over dinner, banter and camaraderie, leading to participants getting to know each other and how people in other parts of Europe are practicing agility themselves or with their teams and organizations. It is not surprising that such conversations have resulted in friendships and ongoing professional relationships.

Another hallmark characteristic of the conference is that Families are more than welcome, and a program is available for Kids. This year we have planned a children’s coding dojo, as well as an opportunity to explore the lovely (and orderly!) city of Zurich - and the children’s program is Free!

Come join us on August 22-24 in Zurich, register here.

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