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Workshop: Does Agile Culture Provide the Soil for Diversity?

Presenters:  Nadia Fischer 


Agile culture is built from many practices and behaviours that make work inclusive. Consequently, it is a culture that lays the basis for diversity.

However, we also observe agile teams or organisations that are not at all diverse!

In this workshop you'll  look at agile practices and behaviours that support diversity, examine which of these we need to do differently or enhance with a new lens to make diversity happen.

As a participant you will have the opportunity to become sensitised to unconscious bias through a self-test; we'll compare and combine agile and diversity research findings from two specialists Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of the Scrum development process) and Iris Bohnet (author of the book "What works"). In the end, we'll discuss possible experiments you can do.

People get excited because the session gives them hands on trigger ideas how they can iteratively develop new ways to create more diversity within their teams or organisations.

No pre-knowledge is required, but a smart phone or other Internet connection and a conviction that diversity needs to happen  could be part of this workshop. 🙂

Session Type: Longer Form Workshop

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Themes: agile behaviours, agile practices, diversity, experiments, organisational design

Speaker's Bio

Nadia Fischer, is the Founder iof – a company at the crossroads of agile / diversity / culture of inclusion. She has ben an agile coach at PwC Experience Center; and she's been worn the hats of  agile coach/bizdev/PO at Liip AG. She's worked in project mgmt for 15 years; 7 yrs if that in tech.

Featured Image: unsplash-logoCarl Heyerdahl

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