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Workshop: Draw me a process... for my Kanban!

Presenter:  Viviane Morelle  


Setting up of the visual management board is a fundamental step when a team moves to Kanban.

Kanban’s first principle says “Start from where you are”.

But the challenge the team faces is: “How do we draw the global process of our organization?

I will show you how I facilitate a workshop to define the process of an organisation—thanks to the power of visual thinking. In a just few minutes, the team will draw its global process which will help develop alignment and empathy among team members.

This workshop is a real team empowerment tool for intercultural teams.


Session Type: Short Form Workshop

Duration: 45 Minutes

Themes: Visual thinking, interculturality, alignment , empathy, process, kanban

Speaker's Bios

Viviane Morelle is an experienced facilitor, and we are delighted she is brining  her very popular workshop to Zurich adn teh ALE Community meeting here.

Viviane co-founded the French open and self-organized community, Facilit'ON around Facilitation for every person (beginners or advanced) who wants to reach performance in collective teamwork.

She is also an active member and organizer of the European Forum of Visual Practitioners and Agile Playground French community.



About the Program

This conference is different. We have a guiding theme, but we don't have a fixed program. You will create the program and agenda together at the event so that it emerge around your business needs and our theme.

Open Space Technology

Open Space that provides just enough structure to create the program, plan the outcomes, and design for participation — together.

Seed Sessions

'Seed Sessions' are an ALE tradition. They are a few prepared sessions and a daily keynote, which have been designed in advance to offer the seed germs of an idea for cultivation.

Power Transformance

Our theme is Power Transformance. It signals a basic shift in the power of our work environments using Lean and Agile principles to create change, renewal, and transformation.