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New Seed Sessions for the ALE18 Program

28th July 2018 by Steve Holyer


Program News!

We're introducing our first five seed sessions. Your program is fully emergent as you create the experience that's most valuable to you. We value open space first!  We are also inviting these idea seeds, and idea generating workshops, into the open spaces of our  program.

Explore our seed sessions, and information about the open space first program, below...

We're limiting the number of seed sessions to be sure we provide abundant space for everything that emerges. You will be astonished by the value to be produced.

We are announcing more seed sessions over the coming days. We will be announcing the seed session schedule in early August.

Check out our Daily Plan for more schedule information.

The Open Space First Program

This conference, as you've read, is different. We have a guiding theme, but we don't have a fixed program. You will create the program and agenda together at the event so that it emerge around your exact business needs and our theme.

Open Space Technology

Open Space that provides just enough structure to create the program, plan the outcomes, and design for participation — together.

Seed Sessions

'Seed Sessions' are an ALE tradition. They are a few prepared sessions and a daily keynote, which have been designed in advance to offer the seed germs of ideas for cultivation.  Pick up the seeds that offer you value they float through the open spaces.

Power Transformance

Our theme is Power Transformance. It signals a basic shift in the power of our work environments using Lean and Agile principles to create change, renewal, and transformation. Explore the dynamic adjustments that are bringing profitable transformations to companies—locally and internationally.