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You’re invited to create the program for the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) Unconference being held 22-24 August 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland.  

This conference is different. We have a guiding theme, but we don't have a fixed program. You will create the program and agenda together at the event. The program will emerge around your business needs and our theme. 


Power Transformance

Our theme is Power Transformance.

It signals a basic shift in the power of our work environments using Lean and Agile principles to create change, renewal, and transformation. 

What is Power Transformance?


Open Space Technology

Open Space is "an approach to purpose-driven leadership" that provides just enough structure to create the program, plan the outcomes, and design for participation — together.

Prepare to be surprised!


Seed Sessions

'Seed Sessions' are an ALE tradition. They are a few prepared sessions, and a daily keynote, which are designed in advance to offer the seed germs of an idea for cultivation.

See Our Packet of Seed Sessions - Which Are Exciting to You?


Power Transformance

We're inviting you to explore power transformance in your work and community. Learn how to effectively shift the way you build products, run companies, create working culture, negotiate contracts, exchange value, influence the community, and support inclusion.

What turns potential value into measurable results? You're invited to uncover new ways that Agile and Lean practice will create power transformance and impact your organisation’s outcomes in positive, measurable ways.

Seed Sessions

During the open space everyone can pick up idea seeds, mix them together, mash them up, plant them, splice them, alter them, and grow them.

We invited the community to propose 'seed session' before 30 June. In July, we've chosen a few ‘seed sessions’ that presenters will fully prepare before the event — unlike most of the sessions which we'll create together during the ALE Unconference itself.  We're channelling this small stream of curated seed sessions to trickle through the full-time open space.

We're limiting the number of seed sessions to be sure we provide abundant space for everything that emerges. You will be astonished by the value to be produced.


Keynote Presentations

We've invited a few keynote presenters to share an inspiring or thought-provoking presentation with the entire marketplace in the great marketplace hall as part of the ALE18 "Open Space First" program of the ALE18. We're inviting you to mix the keynote ideas with your own, as you continuously create a program that fully explores your questions.


Most ALE sessions will not be proposed and prepared in advance.

Open Space works because you adapt the the program to your questions, challenges, and needs in real-time. That means the discoveries you make, and the outcomes you take home will fit your space.

During the unconference. You can soak up ideas and learn from the emerging program, cross-pollinate ideas, create sessions in the marketplace, or just be there to enjoy the experience. 

Regardless of your response to the call for seed sessions, we invite you to bring yourself, your experience, your questions, and your ideas about Power Transformance to the Unconference in Zurich. Prepare to be surprised.


Read more about Open Space Technology on Wikipedia.

Our call for contribitions for seed sessions has closed.  You may enjoy reading the call though.

Proposing a Seed Session

until June 30

Propose a prepared seed session about Power Transformance. When we accept your proposal, we will work with you to place your session in our Seed Session Stream.

Whether you are already a member of the community or not, we welcome your proposal. Your session can be a short talk or a short workshop that your are eager to share.

Feeling called to propose a prepared session?

Are you wondering what you can propose? We collected a packet of idea seeds. Check them out. Answer one of our questions, or use them to inspire your own seed packet.

If you want to offer a prepared talk or workshop, and you still don’t know what to propose you can fill out our seed session proposal form and indicate that you want to ask our community mentors and coaches for help refining your ideas as part of the proposal process.

We welcome new voices and all voices, and we offer mentorship and coaching to all voices who consider proposing a seed session.

Read: Constraints and dates - important information about this call for contributions (Submission Guidelines)