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Proposal Ideas?

Seed Session Contributions

We're hoping for all kinds of seed session proposals.  Here's some things people asked for at previous ALE Unconferences:

  • Tutorials on Agile frameworks, practices, or methods  especially those that shine a new light on a common idea. (Tutorials could apply to curious beginners or advancing practitioners who think they’ve seen it all.)
  • Experience Reports  tell us a story  what have you discovered about Agile or Lean power transformance? How did you  discover it? What's your your specific situation?
  • A talk about...  building power transformance structures between Agile / Lean efforts and other efforts which are traditional,  or new!
  • Mini-workshops on Agile/Lean User Experience Design — or Product Definition.
  • Round-Table Topics — on Leadership — or Governance — or Stewardship.

Here are some questions previous ALE participants have asked. You could propose a seed session to explore some of these questions:.

  • What's the Executive Summary? What do executives and owners want all Agile / Lean practitioners to understand?  How do we maintain an executive dialogue within the community?
  • How are Agile and Lean practice relevant to software developers and other digital natives who are just arriving in 2018? Are they?  If not, what’s next? Or, how do can it be relevant again? What about looking forward to the software developers who will arrive in 2028?
  • How does diversity create power transformance and abundance for Agile and Lean practitioners and companies? What is the difference between diversity and inclusion?
  • What do Agile / Lean practitioners need to learn about power transformance from others?
  • What new practices will improve our results as Agile/Lean Practitioners?

Hey! This is only a partial list. The actual list of new ideas would be much longer. In fact there really is no limit on new ideas.

Use this list as inspiration. You can send us a proposal from this list.  Or create your own list and send us your proposal form that list.