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Contraints and Important Dates

Seed Session Proposal

Here are some constraints for seed sessions:

  • Format:  Seed session can be a prepared talk, an interactive workshop, or something else that fits the time slot.
  • Session Length/Timeslots: A talk needs to fit into a 20 minute, or 45 minute timebox. An interactive workshop needs to fit a 45 minutes or 145 minute timebox.
  • Other Formats: If you have another idea for a format then you can tell us about it in the proposal form. We’ll probably set up a conversation with you to discuss it.
  • Room Size: The seed session room will hold about 80 people for talks and 25 people for workshops.  Please plan for that number of participants when making your proposal.
  • Compensation: This is a true community unconference. Everyone is a volunteer. Seed sessions are providing service to the community. Except for being prepared in advance, seed sessions and their presenters are are not treated differently from sessions and session conveners that emerge in the open space. Seed session presenters are not compensated. However seed session presenter’s can register at any time and receive the discounted "coming home" discount on registration fees. *

The call for contributions in the form of seed session will follow this calendar:

  • May 15th: If you are asking for mentorship and coaching, consider submitting early to allow time for the process.  Please request a mentor or coach before May 15 to allow time for the work.
  • June 30th: last day to propose new seed sessions, our team of reviewers will begin reviewing the submissions and selecting the ones to put into the program.
  • July 15th: Invitation to selected seed sessions & workshops
  • August 22nd: We will open space for the Unconference and begin building the full program.
  • August 24th: We will close the space at the end of the unconference, by this time you have created new structures to continue building the ideas that emerged.

* A note on seed session compensation — keynote speakers receive reimbursement for low cost travel arrangements.