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Find Your Voice

Seed Session Proposals

New Voices & All Voices

The ALE Community welcomes new voices eagerly.  We invite your seed session proposal whether this is your first time to speak at a conference, or if you have presented at every conference.  

We eagerly seek proposals from all voices no matter your background, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, cognitive ability, age, socio-economic status, or other factors that are sometimes not sought.

We actively work to provide a safe space for you to present (and be a full part of the open space program).

We are looking for ideas to seed into our open space.  And we know ideas are abundant. Everyone brings them.

Seed Session Mentors & Coaches

We offer session mentorship and coaching to all voices, especially the new voices and voices which go unheard. Use the proposal form to ask for mentorship and coaching for the seed sessions you propose. When you wish, we can start by helping you refine your idea, and if you wish we can can continue until you finish your presentation.

If you don’t want to propose a seed session, you will find community members who want to ally with you during the open space program in the Unconference as well.