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Sponsoring Kit

ALE 2018 Zürich Power Transformance

Agile Lean Europe
Unconference Zürich
20–24 August 2018



Learning, sharing, teaching. Unlearning. Creativity and discovery. Agility and exploration. Connection.

You wish to support Europe’s most unusual annual gathering of coaches, trainers and practitioners in Lean and Agile. Your friendly contribution is highly appreciated. Thank you!

This page serves as a conversation starter. Let’s get in touch!

While travelling all around Europe, this unusual unconference is operated by the community, for the community. The organisation committee is formed anew year after year, at the location of the event – by people joining forces for the love of ALE. There is no professional organisation behind to pull off yet another conference. Or to make money from it, for that matter.

This all invites creativity, learning and sharing.

Here’s your chance to step in and be part of it!

The Community

Last years’ attendees include an amazingly diverse crowd of 250 change makers, Lean thinkers, Agile practicitioners, Scrum coaches and many more things they are – including 23 youth, travelling with their parents to experience the spirit of ALE and share their ideas, thoughts, questions and friendship.

Whereabouts – the Location

Some would say that Zürich is located at the very center of Europe, easily reachable by train, or any other means of transport. For sure, the Impact Hub Zürich Kraftwerk at Selnaustrasse is located at the very center of Zürich.

In comfortable walking distance from Zürich main station, this unique space offers all a conference attendee could wish for, and then some more. Beautifully situated on the shores of river Sihl, it is also warmly inviting on the inside.

The old electric power transformer station has been carefully and creatively updated to host events just like this one.
 For ALE, the eclectic power transformer unconference.

What You’ll Get As Our Valued Sponsor

  • Make your brand visible to a Europe-wide community of agilists, coaches, practitioners
  • Show how much you care about finding better ways of building services and products, better ways of working together
  • Connect to top professionals both from Switzerland and abroad and find new ways to collaborate on your most important projects

Come With Your Team – Invite Your Partners

Make the most of ALE 2018 for your entire organisation. Show your support as a sponsor and let your team mates and partners experience the transformative power of the ALE community.

Caution: Be prepared to be surprised!

Sponsoring Opportunities

Help us make ALE 2018 a memory to last with your support in one of these areas

Feed the Beauty

Everything will be good as long as the food is good. Make your invaluable contribution when participants need it most: At lunch time.

Lunch All Happy

CHF 7500

Caffeine Supply

Keep the crowd happy and put your good name on those needed and beloved things that hard thinking people cannot be without.

All Day Coffee & Tea

CHF 3000

Happy Dance

A night out with the crowd will make magic happen. To your friendly invitation, unforgettably to the happy people.

Halligalli Bonds

CHF 3000

Kids and Spouses

ALE traditionally welcomes the next generation to share our community and learning. We build bridges into the future, with you!

Future and Back

CHF 2500

Feeling Good

Make ALE special with your contribution and add your special ingredient to the event.

Surprise, surprise!

CHF 1000


Make every participant’s life better by supplying high quality essentials to mobile minds. Water bottle. Book. Conference Shirt.

Sustainably Yours

from CHF 1000

There’s something you own, have access to or can do that you want to make accessible to the community? Please talk to us!

Who’s Paying What?

ALE is an unconference by the community for the community. No one makes a financial profit and attendance fees are traditionally around 250€ to cover the very basics while keeping the doors open to everyone.

Everything on top of that is to be covered by individuals and companies who are willing to help making ALE awesome with their financial contribution. This year, our first supporter is Impact Hub Kraftwerk, allowing us to use their beautiful, centrally located and fully equipped event location at a rate affordable to ALE.

There are many ways to support ALE 2018 in Zürich. Find some ideas in this overview, or contribute your own!

Common Questions

Who owns ALE?
No one. It’s an idea and a community. After each event, what there is in terms of knowledge and funds is passed on to the next organising committee.

Where will my Logo be placed?
Wherever it makes most sense. Where your exchange with the community takes shape. We don’t believe in bit sponsor logos on shirts, or sponsor’s booths. Let’s find ways for meaningful interaction!

Why should I care?
This community is there to bring better ways of working to the world. Here’s your one-off chance to make your contribution – and to connect with a Europe-wide network of friendly specialists. Don’t miss out!

Ask your question directly to!


Behind the Scenes

ale18 team

ALE 2018 Zürich is a project that has been started by long-time veterans and former participants to the ALE community from Zürich and all over Switzerland, as well as local enthusiasts new to ALE, gathering under the roof of the newly founded ALE Association.

Former organising committees are supporting the effort, sharing there experience and contacts. The wider community involve themselves in the co-creation of the program.

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