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Dinner with a Stranger

One of the hallmark events of the conference is the now famous “Dinner with a Stranger”. It takes place on the first evening of the conference where attendees purposefully decide which “strangers” to meet with over dinner.

This opportunity leads to conversations in small groups of up to 10 people over dinner, banter and camaraderie, leading to participants getting to know each other and how people in other parts of Europe are practicing agility themselves or with their teams and organizations. It is not surprising that such conversations have resulted in friendships and ongoing professional relationships.

So we prepared some cool, affordable locations for you to try Zürich's culinary pearls and already reserved tables on the keyword ALE. Different price categories allow you to find the right one quickly and prepare yourself to sign up during the un-conference for the dinner.

Bar Gain

Really affordable restaurants with a special touch.



Category: Chinese
by: Tram Nr 8: 9mins, Walk: 9mins


Category: Asian
by: Bus 1: 9mins, Walk 11mins


Category: Swiss
by: Tram 8: 11mins, Walk: 18mins


Middle Class

What most Swiss people usually try out and are happy with.



Category: Italian
by: Tram Nr 8: 6mins, Walk: 7mins

Five Spices

Category: Thai
by: Tram Nr 2: 12mins, Walk: 19mins


Category: Cordon Bleu
by: Tram Nr 2: 15mins, Walk: 21mins


Category: Vegetarian
by: Walk: 5mins

Miki Ramen

Category: Japanese
by: Tram Nr 2: 12mins, Walk: 19mins

Moudi Bar

Category: Libanese
by: Walk: 5mins

Raclette Factory

Category: Swiss
by: Tram Nr 8: 13mins, Walk: 14mins


Category: Swiss International
by: Walk: 4mins

Samurai II

Category: Japanese
by: Tram Nr 8: 6mins, Walk: 8mins


Categroy: Vegetarian
by: Tram Nr 8: 15mins, Walk: 22mins


Category: Swiss
by: Tram Nr 2/8/9: 7mins, Walk: 10mins

De Luxe

Wanna try once something exclusive, world-class?



Category: French
by: Tram Nr 8: 14mins


Category: Mediterranean
by: Bus Nr 31: 12mins, Walk: 13 mins