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Seed Sessions

Power Transformance

The ALE18 "Open Space First" program provides just enough structure for you to spontaneously create the event when we come together 22-24 August. You'll create a program that fully explores your questions of power transformance.

We've cultivated a few 'seed sessions' to trickle through the open spaces in the program.  We're limiting the number of seed sessions to be sure we provide abundant space for everything that emerges.

We've Asked These Seed Sessions

to mix in the open spaces of our program

The Cost Of Fear

As part of our organisations, how much do we invest into actions that represent collective re-actions to unconfirmed threat scenarios—even when those activities add little value to the desired outcomes?

Oana Junco will take you through several engaging activities inspired by Theory U. Through these activities you will be able to reflect on the drama triangle and the Theory U’s protocol of change

So You Think You Know Retrospectives?

Corinna Baldauf covers the Why? and How? of effective retrospectives – based on the 5 phases from the book “Agile Retrospectives”(Derby and Larsen). Try out concrete activities in the workshop. Come and re-check the basics. And if you’re a beginner, this workshop will enable you to run your first retrospective.

Themes: Retrospectives, Agile Practice, tutorial, facilitation

Draw me a process… for my Kanban!

Viviane Morelle demonstrates how she facilitates a workshop with to define the process of an organisation —thanks to the power of visual thinking. In a just few minutes, the team will draw its global process which will help develop alignment and empathy among team members.

Participate in this quick workshop with Viviane to experience some answers.

Themes: Visual thinking, interculturality, alignment , empathy, process, kanban

Does Agile Culture Provide the Soil for Diversity?

Agile culture lays the basis for diversity. It carries many practices and behaviours that make work inclusive. However, we also observe agile teams or organisations that are not at all diverse.

Check your sensitivity to unconscious bias, compare diversity research findings between Jeff Sutherland and Iris Bohnen and develop experimental actions for iteratively creating diversity in your teams and organisations.

Agile Coaches & HR Departments: A Match Made in Heaven

Inge Gorgon is working in an organistion in the second year of their Agile transformation.

From the start, Agile Coaches and HR consultants found each other in their endeavour to change the culture of the company. Inga shares the experience of their journey so far, and she tells of the success stories and pitfalls.

We're adding more seed sessions to the mix in the next days. Keep checking here! 
See you in the open spaces!