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The former power transformer station «EWZ Unterwerkt Selnau» has recently itself been transformed by Impact Hub Zürich – into the workshop base camp now known as Kraftwerk. It’s the unconference venue we’ve been wating for!

Some would say that Zürich is located at the very center of Europe, easily reachable by train, or any other means of transport. For sure, the Impact Hub Zürich Kraftwerk at Selnaustrasse is located at the very center of Zürich.

In comfortable walking distance from Zürich main station, this unique space offers all a conference attendee could wish for, and then some more. Beautifully situated on the shores of river Sihl, it is also warmly inviting on the inside.

The old electric power transformer station has been carefully and creatively updated to host events just like this one.
 For ALE, the eclectic power transformer unconference.

The «base camp» is built from cargo containers stacked and modified to house ten workshop rooms – all fully equipped with white boards and big screens. In the niches between the containers, near the stairs, and on balconies too, there is room for tiny-group gathering.

From the base camp you can see the «Kommandoraum» or control room, to the right on the above rendering. It’s were presentations will be held at ALE18. It can hold and audience of about 50 people.

Between the two, there’s the event space, perfect for keynotes and other big-group activities. In the mean time, it will be able to hold several sessions in team-size groups.

Kraftwerk in Action

There is still more to find. There are more workshop rooms in the basement. One of them will hold prepared sessions in the workshop track for up to 25 participants.

And there’s the Kraftwerk café near the main entrance. It’s a public space, and will be open to the public even during the unconference – giving us a perfect opportunity to get in touch with unsuspecting locals.

Did we mention battle-proven high speed WiFi for all your devices?