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Doing not Talking: an Experiential Keynote

17th July 2018 by Steve Holyer


Get ready for some incredible keynote speakers.

Today, we announce Adam St. Lawrence and Markus Hormess will deliver an experiential keynote together using business methods drawn from the professional theatre. Some keynotes you hear. This keynote you will do, as Markus and Adam engage us to participate in "service by design doing."

Markus and Adam are two of the four editor's and main authors of the new book: This is Service Design Doing, published last January. The book is "for everyone interested in customer experience, innovation, and collaborative creation."  The book assembles the building block methods of service design thinking to help you learn to "embed service design thinking in your organization."  The book, and the keynote they will factilate, are for leaders, facilitators and other people who want to change the way their company's teams work "as they adopt a more hands-on and human-centered approach."

The also initiated the Global Service Jam, a globally connected "hackathon" for finding new solutions for thorny business challenges. And they don't stop there. They also initiated the Global Sustainability Jam a "hackathon" for sustainability, and Global GovJam another global "hackathon" for using service design to re-inventing the public sector.

Join us August 22-24 to meet Markus and Adam, and to experience "service by design doing."

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